Unusual People 7

Unusual Award N.7: Unique Penis Anomaly in Mature Female Friends

This episode presents a medically unprecedented case involving two female subjects, aged between 50 and 60 years. While they are not biologically related as twins or sisters, these women share a unique bond formed through a rare anatomical condition: both were born with penises.Remarkably, these appendages are not only anatomically consistent with male genitalia but also functionally capable of erection and ejaculation, an extraordinary finding in female anatomy.Given the unparalleled nature of their case, our committee has determined that these women merit our next Unusual People Award, acknowledging the never-before-seen characteristics of their condition and the strong, sister-like bond they share.

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Unusual People 12

Unusual Award N.12: World's Largest Erect Clitoris

In this episode, we examine an extraordinary case involving a 33-year-old nonbinary individual. This subject defies traditional gender classification, presenting with an unusually high density of dark body hair. Upon disrobing, we observed an exceptionally long clitoris beneath a substantial pubic bush, along with a remarkably hairy buttocks and armpits—features unprecedented in our evaluations.Our specialist conducted an in-depth examination, both externally and internally. The most astonishing discovery was the subject's clitoris, which, when erect, exhibited an extraordinary size never before documented by our experts.This unique anatomical feature, combined with the extensive body hair, clearly merits our Unusual People Award.

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Unusual People 9

Unusual Award N.9: Record - Female Ejaculation

Our team recently encountered a remarkable subject during our research endeavors. A woman of middle age hailing from Czech Republic, with distinctive curly hair, initially seemed unremarkable during the preliminary interview. Upon delving deeper into conversation, she divulged an extraordinary trait: an exceptionally heavy and voluminous female ejaculation, commonly referred to as squirting. This revelation sparked our curiosity, prompting us to explore this phenomenon further. And indeed, our team was astounded to witness the most substantial squirting event ever recorded. Measured meticulously, the expulsion reached an astonishing length of nearly a meter and a half, with a pressure exceeding 4 pascals. Further analysis by our team of experts confirmed the authenticity and rarity of this phenomenon, ultimately leading to the unanimous decision to bestow upon her another prestigious Unusual Award.Should you know of someone with extraordinary talents, we encourage you to reach out and connect with us. Thank you for your invaluable assistance in our pursuit of discovering the extraordinary among us.

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Unusual People 3

Unusual Award N.3: Girl Model With Record Pubic Hair Phenomena

In our recent interview, a young female subject unveiled hair characteristics that defy conventional understanding. Her scalp hair length astonishingly surpasses all previously known benchmarks. More intriguingly, her vaginal region manifests a pubic hair density and expansiveness hitherto unseen in medical literature or anywhere else in the world. Combining these extraordinary attributes in one individual is nothing short of groundbreaking. As a testament to the magnitude of this discovery, we will bestow upon her a distinguished Unusual People Award, ensuring her recognition in both scientific and world record annals.

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Unusual People 5

Unusual Award N.5: Woman with the World's Largest Breasts

ur committee had the opportunity to invite another subject, who was claiming to have the most giant breasts in the world. We couldn't do anything else but let her partner undergo an extensive examination that would prove this bold statement. The teenage female with ginger-colored hair claims to have a breast size of 177.8 cm (72 inches) in around-nipple measurement and together weigh 40 kg (89 pounds). Although outrageous information, after a first glimpse, we soon realized this statement was, with absolute probability, accurate. When the subject took her clothes off, we proceeded to even a deeper examination that would scope every inch of the subject's body. This magnificent world record discovery will be remembered as the 5th Unusual People Reward.

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Unusual People 8

Unusual Award N.8: Case Of Colossal Vaginal Dimensions

In this episode, we examine a seemingly ordinary couple where the wife, a 32-year-old woman, possesses an extraordinary anatomical feature: an exceptionally large vagina. Her older partner, acting as her interpreter, unveils this extraordinary trait. Initially overshadowed by their simple, unassuming background, the revelation came as an astonishment to our expert team.Upon closer examination, supported by the husband's account and the presence of unusually large dildos, we discovered a vaginal dimension that defies any precedents. This astonishing finding, both in its scale and rarity, led us to a comprehensive and meticulous exploration, revealing the largest vagina we've ever encountered. After rigorously examining every inch of this extraordinarily large vagina, it became unequivocally clear that we were witnessing a medical marvel. This unique feature undeniably merited our Unusual Award for the largest and most colossal vagina ever documented.

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Unusual People 4

Unusual Award N.4: Woman Has Three Breasts and Penis

The youthful female participant we studied possesses remarkable anatomical deviations. She showcases three well-developed breasts – an intriguing tri-mammary configuration. In tandem, she has a darkened substantial penile (penis) structure capable of standard erectile functions. Crucially, she's not a "shemale." Birth records validate these features as congenital. Upcoming interactive sessions will allow deeper exploration of these anomalies in an amiable setting. Given her extraordinarily rare characteristics, she's recognized with a world record for unique anatomy, causing her to win our first Unusual People award.

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Unusual People 11

Unusual Award N.11: Woman with Most Extreme Cosmetic Surgeries

This evaluation focuses on a woman in her thirties who has undergone the highest number of extensive cosmetic surgeries documented worldwide. Her anatomical enhancements include augmented mammary glands (breasts), enlarged gluteal muscles (buttocks), significantly enhanced labia, and volumetric increases to her lips.Our team conducted a detailed evaluation of her extensive alterations, confirming each modification's radical nature through precise body-to-body assessments. This comprehensive review encompassed all aspects of her surgically altered anatomy, emphasizing the significant scale of her vaginal enhancement as well.Her unparalleled pursuit of body modification has earned her our Unusual People Award, marking her as the individual with the most extreme surgical enhancements worldwide.

  • Bibi Bugatti
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Unusual People 6

Unusual Award N.6: The World's Largest Penis at 42cm (16.5 in)

In this episode, we conduct an in-depth evaluation of a man with a unique physical trait: a phallus (penis) measuring a record-breaking 42 centimeters (16.5 inches), making him the holder of the biggest penis in the world. The subject, distinguished by his muscular build and beard, showcased a phallus with pronounced vascularity, enabling robust and sustained erection, alongside normal ejaculatory function.For a complete assessment, the subject was fully disrobed. Additionally, the evaluation included his partner, who was present, through a thorough rectal examination, adding another dimension to our medical exploration.These extraordinary findings led our committee to award the subject our next Unusual People Award, recognizing the exceptional nature of his anatomy and the comprehensive evaluation of his partner.

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Unusual People 1

Unusual Award N.1: Presence of a 7-inch Penis in Female Model

The subject, while bearing the aesthetic features consistent with those of a top-tier fashion model, was identified with an unprecedented anatomical characteristic. It should be noted that the subject is not classified as a "SHEMALE." Contrary to the typical female anatomical structure, this individual possesses a penile appendage (penis) measuring approximately 7 inches in length, capable of typical erectile responses. The discovery of this anomaly was unexpected during our clinical interview. For those analyzing the report, be prepared for detailed observations and findings related to this unique, unusual, and award-worthy case.

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Unusual People 10

Unusual Award N.10: World's Most Stunning Trans Woman With Penis

In this case, we encounter Natalie, 39, and her life partner, Anna, 26. Natalie's narrative is compelling, having transitioned at the age of thirty. She stands out not just for her transition but for maintaining male genitalia, presenting a unique case in our studies. Despite Natalie's transition, her ability for an erection has diminished. Our examination was comprehensive, supported by Anna and further enriched by the insights of a female evaluator from our team.This expert, specialising in such unique cases, found Natalie's blend of femininity and retained male features not only never seen before, but also strikingly beautiful. After that our expert proceeded with even more thorough and in-depth anatomical exploration.Consequently, we are thrilled to recognise Natalie with our ninth Unusual People Award, celebrating her as the most beautiful transgender individual with a penis in the world.

  • Anna de Ville
  • Mad Bundy
  • Natalie Mars
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